Airdrop details and short BSC DeFi guide for wCRW

10.000 wCRW will be airdropped to liquidity providers of the PancakeSwap wCRW-USDT pool during March. Weekly snapshots will take place and LP token holders will be rewarded with wCRW according to the percentage of the liquidity they hold in the pool. Keep reading to learn all the details.

If you have not onboarded to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) yet, this might be a handy time to do it. Not only is DeFi a major trend in the space that as an aware blockchain enthusiast you should keep up with and understand, you can also get a chunk of the airdrop…

Die Evolution des Bitcoin-Zeitstempels. Von BTProof zu Crown Platform NFTs

In diesem Artikel möchte ich erklären, wie NFTs auf der Crown blockchain entstanden sind und funktionieren. Im Projekt Crown arbeiten wir an einer eigenen NFT Technologie seit 2018, da wir Crown Platform nicht nur als System zum Austausch und zur Lagerung monetärer Werte verstehen, sondern auch als dezentrales Archiv nicht-monetären Wertes.

In den Anfängen wurde Bitcoin als nicht-monetäres Register wie eine Zweckentfremdung oder Anomalie im Netzwerk betrachtet, mittlerweile gehören NFTs zu den begehrtesten und nützlichsten Andwendungsfällen.

Was sind NFTs?

Das Kürzel NFT steht für non-fungible token. Ein nicht (durch einen anderen) ersetzbarer Token. Ein NFT ist einzigartig, seine Eigenschaften und sein Wert sind…

Progress on 0.21 BTC codebase upgrade, Deterministic Masternodes, NFT Transfer Framework, CO2 compensation measures

The Crown codebase is being updated to the latest Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 code

The new year has started full of innovation and strategic plans at Crown Platform. Here is a brief summary of the fronts we are working on.

Crown Core codebase upgrade

As the newest Bitcoin software was recently officially released and after examining the previous RCs carefully together with our newly recruited Core Developer Barrystyle, we decided that a Bitcoin Core 0.17 update was not enough to keep on top of the innovation that Bitcoin is going through. Thus, we have been working on a codebase upgrade to the Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 code. It is the most mature and advanced code that Bitcoin has ever…

What happened at Crown in 2020 and what is coming next?

Last year I published a short update for the 5th Crown anniversary focused on explaining the Crown project progress according to three specific areas: Technical Innovation, Community Engagement, and Project Governance.

Today I would like to review the points raised one year ago in order to publicly verify the progress and analyse the situation the Crown project is in. This report aims to present ongoing project activity to our strategic partners. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

Technical Innovation

Continuous Development is always Crown’s top priority. …

Masternode Proof of Stake [MNPoS] in depth explanation by the Cuban community

Cuban community strikes again with an in depth video on the Crown MNPoS consensus system

With this new video the Cuban Crown community explains how MNPoS, a unique consensus protocol, works. This system enables agreement between the Crown network participants, and serves as the basis for the construction of a decentralized governance model.

Produced by Kevin “@kevinml07” Maurence
Pablo Luis “@pablon” Lara
Alejandro “@DiazRock” Díaz
Rolando “@rolysr” Sánchez

Contribute CRW to the Cuban Community and support their work!


Bitcoin Codebase Testing, RenVM integration

War in Armenia and CoVid-19? Not enough to stop Crown

Linux, Win and macOS builds are ready for testing the codebase upgrade. A list of all the upgrades has been handed out to several testers in order to go through them. The testing process will be structured in GitLab along with the development milestone for the Crown Core v0.15 release. If you want to participate in the testing you can engage by testing the NFT part of the code or going through the BIPs and upgrades that are contained between Bitcoin v0.10 and v0.17:

We are expecting a longer testing period as this is a full upgrade in which we…

How to export your passphrase and keys to other devices and wallets

1) What’s happening

Hello community. Coinomi has announced through a discrete banner on the affected coinpage inside their software that it is going to discontinue support for 45 different coins, CRW among them, because these coins do not generate any revenue for the Coinomi business.

In essence, this is a compliment for the low fees of the CRW network and does not take into account the fact that in the past Crown developers offered Coinomi to run community electrum servers to relieve them off their costs and infrastructure.

Coinomi went closed-source in 2018 making its Crown fork “Crownpay” inviable. Back then, Crown announced…

Codebase upgrade in testnet and other happenings

Just the facts, bratan

New Website:
The new website was successfully released some weeks ago. Check it out here:

Codebase Upgrade:
During this time, Ashot has kept working on getting Crown Core ready for the new code including the bitcoin codebase upgrade. It is now almost ready for public testing after having solved several issues related to syncing and to early blocks containing NFTokens without NFProtocols (Artem released NFToken APIs first for testing and NFProtocol APIs in a latter update.

Upgraded Testnet: Testnet is as of now syncing the blockchain and running and Ashot is fine-tuning the Systemnode and Masternode synchronisation processes. After these…

Recommended update to stabilize database sync

A new version of Crown Core has been released. It solves inconsistencies between the blocks database and the platform database by levelling out their contents before synchronising to the network.

It is now possible to quickly reindex the NFT database without having to reindex the whole blockchain. To do so you can run platformreindex in the wallet repair GUI. Alternatively, you can run the Crown software with the -platformreindex argument or by adding platformreindex=1 to the crown.conf file.

This update is recommended for users experiencing stuck wallets and for VPS providers that run large amounts of daemons.

Updating Windows and Mac

QT wallets will prompt automatically to download the new version next time they are started. …

NFT resync functionality coming along. Trezor testers wanted. Crown Bounty program launched. Website drafts evolving.

Keep calm and buidl

has been working on the nftoken database resync functionality. The release candidate should be ready for public testing by the end of the week. A non-mandatory update will follow shortly. This new version will resync the NFT database to avoid tx-nft db conflicts that led to client instability for some users.

New Crown-Electrum builds
are available for testing. You can get all the information in the Discord channel #bitcore-electrum-testing.

A Crown bounty program
has been launched by several contributors. Read all the details here and engage in open issues to receive rewards!

Bitcore is progressing slowly, there are no…

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