Amidst the Bitcoin energy consumption debate, 3 out of 4 Crown Platform blocks mined during 2021 are carbon neutral. In 2022 the community aims to reach 100% carbon neutrality.

Crown Platform goes carbon neutral with NFT certificates

Airdrop details and short BSC DeFi guide for wCRW

Die Evolution des Bitcoin-Zeitstempels. Von BTProof zu Crown Platform NFTs

Progress on 0.21 BTC codebase upgrade, Deterministic Masternodes, NFT Transfer Framework, CO2 compensation measures

The Crown codebase is being updated to the latest Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 code

Crown Core codebase upgrade

As the newest Bitcoin software was recently officially released and after examining the previous RCs carefully together with our newly recruited Core Developer Barrystyle…

What happened at Crown in 2020 and what is coming next?

Masternode Proof of Stake [MNPoS] in depth explanation by the Cuban community

Cuban community strikes again with an in depth video on the Crown MNPoS consensus system

Bitcoin Codebase Testing, RenVM integration

War in Armenia and CoVid-19? Not enough to stop Crown

How to export your passphrase and keys to other devices and wallets

1) What’s happening

Hello community. Coinomi has announced through a discrete banner on the affected coinpage inside their software that it is going to discontinue support for 45 different coins, CRW among them, because these coins do not generate any revenue for the Coinomi business.

Codebase upgrade in testnet and other happenings

Just the facts, bratan

Recommended update to stabilize database sync

J. Herranz

Coding Reality

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